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Tournament Schedule


Advanced Event Systems (AES) 

We will using an online event scheduling system for this event. We will update results & schedules throughout the tournament and you will be able to access team play and work schedules right on your mobile device! 


Want to watch a friends game on your down time? You can search other teams and find their play schedules and court number to watch them play too!

How to access Tournament Schedules:

  1. Visit 

  2. In the search bar type: Spokane Sizzler

  3. Then click the SCHEDULE POSTED

  4. From there you can Select the DIVISIONS, Select Open, Comp or Rec

  5. You can Search by TEAM NAME 

  6. Then click on the Name and find their schedule

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4:00–8:00pm: Evening Team


Join us for team check-in and open practice session at the Spokane Convention Center.


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7–8am: Late Check-in

7:30am: Captain's Meeting

8:00am: Pool Play

6:30-8:30pm: Social
The tradition continues with the annual team social.

Each registration includes six social tickets which includes full dinner. No host bar is also available.

Additional tickets are available for purchase.



8:30-?: After Party at Fast Eddies


8:00am–7pm: Tournament Play

Note to Spectators:

We welcome fans and admission is free, however, this is a unfiltered adult atmosphere, complete with loud music and alcohol. We love your kiddos, but they may not be appropriate in this setting. That's your call.


Tournament Divisions

When registering your team for the event please ensure you select the appropriate division. If you would like to change divisions after registration please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate the request. We can not guarantee we can move your team to a different division after registration


You may not pick up players from other teams if they have already played in your division.  Players are allowed to play in two different divisions i.e. open to competitive or competitive to recreational.

Open: Elite players looking for a highly competitive experience.

Competitive: Especially for players with some experience looking to enjoy some healthy competition.

Recreational: Players that want to come and have fun, minimal experience required

What you should know:

Teams are coed 6s—requiring a minimum of two (2) women on the court at all times.

Team members will be required to register with USA volleyball at no extra charge.

Pool play will be Saturday with tournament play on Sunday.

(4) Four matches OR 10 Set Guarantee

Coed height Nets: 7'-9"

Age requirement: 18 & over to play. NO EXCEPTIONS

Tournament Format


The tournament organizers reserve the right to change the formats as we please.  We are going to make the best, most competitive, and most fun tournament we can, so if a rule or two must be skirted to add to the greater good of the tournament, then deal with it and don’t whine.  This can and may include moving teams between divisions, making losers bracket games on Sunday 1 game to 30.

With the three divisions, we will do our best to create the Sunday tournaments as previously done with the top 8 teams in the A tournament, next 8 in the B tournament, and so on.  However, it may not be as simple as 1-4 place in each pool and there may be some divisional overlap.  Please just let us do our best.  There will be more parity this year on Saturday, and the top teams will have a shot at the title.  Better matches, more fun, great times for all.

Team captains MUST sign the scoresheet after the match.

Winning team representative MUST turn in immediately the scoresheet after both captains have signed the scoresheet.

Saturday Format:

  • Make sure to check your OFFICIATING & Play schedule. You may be scheduled to officiate BEFORE you play. 

  • Round robin match play best 2/3. The first two games are to 25 cap and the third is to 15 cap, win by one point.

  • Teams will be ranked in their pool based on match wins.

  •  In the event of a tie at the end of the round robin, the order of finish will be decided as per these tie-breaking procedures:

    • The team having the best ratio of won/lost matches will be ranked higher.

    • The team having the best ratio of won/lost sets will be ranked higher.

    • The team having the best ratio of points for/against will be ranked higher.

    • Dance off voted by tournament director and committee

    • Runway speedo walk at social voted on by crowd applause

    • Best 5 out of 9 Rock, Paper, Scissors

Sunday Format

  • Make sure to check your OFFICIATING & Play schedule. You may be scheduled to officiate BEFORE you play. 

  • Sunday format will be determined based on the number of teams and timing. 

  • Bracket format will be a two match guarantee.

  • THIS IS A CHANGE FROM PAST YEARS, with growth we will do a modified double elimination consolation bracket and/or a crossover final to save time and ensure all teams get their guaranteed minimum of 5 matches. 

  •  Winner matches will be best 2/3.  The first two games are to 25 and the third is to 15 with no cap win by two points.

  • Loser matches may be 1 game to 30, if needed

We ask the last teams to play on their court on Sunday stay and help pull tape on your court to assist with teardown.

Tournament Rules

Playing Rules

USA Volleyball rules are in effect with the following exceptions:​

  • Net height will be 7’ 9” or ‘Coed Height’ (or as close as we can get it)​

  • The ceiling is out of bounds.

  • The old net and center line rules are in effect for player safety.  A net is a net.

  • A player may have a part of the foot or hand on or above the center line.  Any other body part on the opponent’s side of the court is a violation.

  • Sport Court Rule: You can pursue a ball beyond the sport court surface. The player retrieving a ball over a non-playing area must be in contact with the playing surface when contact with the ball is made.

  • Substitutions: No limit for total number of substitutions in a match. USAV player to player/libero substitution rules apply.

  • In the event of an injury, you will be able to play with 5 players only if there are 2 females on the floor at all times. 

  • Liberos: We are going to allow the use of liberos, as well as allow male/female substitutions.  PROVIDING TEAMS STAY WITHIN THE INTENT OF THE FORMAT. “IRON MAN LIBERO” substitutions need not apply…

    • This means that we are allowing more flexibility with substitutions, but that at least two women on your team play through the front row, AND two women are on the court at all times. 

    • If it is determined by the tournament director that you are abusing your sub/libero privileges, you will no longer be allowed to use a libero and you will only be able to substitute within the same gender as this tournament has previously been run.  We are allowing more flexibility for the enjoyment of the game (having a 7th player play libero, better defense and passing) not so that teams can sub their women out of the front row and stack their net play with guys. 

    • **Please inform the opposing captain of your intent to use a libero at the time of the coin toss and explain how you will use them in order to avoid conflict/questions during the match.

    • ***If you have questions regarding the libero or any rules please get the Day Official.  Don’t wait until after the match to report an issue or complain – we want this to remain a friendly tournament!

Roster Rules

Teams who do not follow the roster requirements will be penalized with forfeiture or disqualification by the Tournament Director.

  • Prior to Event Roster Changes/Additions: You may make changes to your roster until the Thursday prior to the event by emailing .

  • Onsite Roster Additions/Changes: You MAY NOT make changes to your roster UNLESS formally changed at the tournament desk between Friday and Saturday by 12pm.



  • Multi-Rostered Players: 

  • Teams adding players from a HIGHER division to a LOWER division are limited to ONLY 1 player from the higher division.

    • Violations of this policy will result in forfeiture as deemed appropriate by the Tournament Director.

  • You MAY NOT pick up players from other teams in your division.

  • USA Volleyball Gender Competition Guidelines apply for this event. Full guidelines and approval process can be found here:



Forfeiture Rules

  • Saturday Pool Play: After 10 minutes you will forfeit the 1st game 25-0 and after 10 minutes you will forfeit the 2nd game 25-0.

  • Sunday Bracket Play:  After 10 minutes you will forfeit the 1st game 25-0 and after 10 minutes you will forfeit the 2nd game 25-0.

Officiating Rules

  • All officiating will be done by the teams in the tournament. Please double check the officiating schedule!!  

  • Officiating teams MUST pick up the score sheet for their match at the tournament desk.

  • Team captains MUST sign the score sheet after the match.

  • Winning team representative MUST immediately turn in the score sheet after both captains have signed the scoresheet.

  • You will forfeit one match for each missed officiating assignment.

  • You must provide an Up Ref, Down Ref, scorekeeper & 2 lines people, THAT MEANS 5 BODIES!

  • For the final rounds of tournament play when there are two teams available for the final matches, the TD will try to assign the team that has the LEAST travel distance required to officiate.  Please be kind to the officials and replay anything controversial, these are not paid professionals, it’s you.

  • Not fulfilling your officiating duties on Sunday means you will not be invited back next year.  We have had to enforce this before; year and that team was ineligible the following year.

**Please let us know if you are new to officiating, we will have staff on site to assist**

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