December 27–29, 2019 | Ages 18+

Welcome to the Block Party!

It's time to rally your coed 6s team and reserve your spot for this ultimate volleyball party. This isn’t your average volleyball tournament. Take some great volleyball games and then add in loud music, a courtside beer garden, rowdy parties, contests—all in a great facility—and you’ll get an idea of what makes the Spokane Sizzler unique.

We thought we hit our limit when we reached eighty teams, BUT this year we are growing the available team spots to 104! That equals 600+ adult volleyball players coming together for one rowdy weekend. No need for a designated driver, since the hotel is connected by skybridge.

Spokane Sizzler is supporting a local grassroots nonprofit, Spike2Care, whose mission is to serve the volleyball community through fundraising efforts that promote the sport.

In the first two years of its inception, Spike2Care has been able to give over $71,000 to people connected to the volleyball community who are in need.

How can you support Spike2Care? Play in one of their awesome tournaments (they run about 2 per month!), buy their cool gear, sponsor gym space, or be on one of the committees. Spike2Care would love to tap into your skills off the court too!

The proceeds from the 50/50 raffle this year at the Sizzler will be donated to Spike2Care so don’t forget your cash to buy tickets at the social on Saturday! Also there will be new Spike2Care gear for purchase.


Purchase gear and make an impact.

Tournament Managed by:

Evergreen Region Volleyball Association

office@evergreenregion.org | 509.456.5812

7 S. Howard, Ste 418 | Spokane, WA 99201


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